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The Environmental Advantages of

GFRP Reinforcement over Steel

One of the biggest sources of carbon in the world is the steel industry.

About 1.83 tonnes of carbon dioxide are released with every ton of steel produced, which amounts to 7-8% of all emissions worldwide. The construction industry is thought to use around half of all steel produced, and 44% of the steel used in building is for reinforcement. This translates to a staggering 1.5% of all carbon emissions in the world being attributed to steel rebar.

Additionally, a key problem that frequently results in structural degradation and the early termination of a structure’s service life is concrete spalling brought on by steel reinforcement corrosion. Corrosion of reinforced concrete and steel infrastructure alone damages the US economy an estimated US$22 billion annually.

The effects of steel-reinforced concrete on the environment are further exacerbated by the expenses, emissions, and waste related to the upkeep, maintenance, destruction, and replacement of buildings.

Through the adoption of more ecologically friendly substitutes for steel reinforcement, such as glass fiber reinforced polymer, this presents a chance for the industry to decarbonize (GFRP).

Environmental Benefits of GFRP in multiple places

Steel substitutes will be a crucial part of decarbonizing the construction industry adequately as nations around the world work toward net zero. This is a result of steel’s carbon-intensive mining and production methods as well as its susceptibility to corrosion, which has the unintended consequence of hastening the decay of structures.

The decrease of emissions and waste, and ultimately the preservation of our natural environment, depend on a renewed and enhanced attention on the endurance of structures beyond 50-year and 100-year lifespans.

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