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We, at DL, design and manufacture innovative, high-quality construction equipment and components that shape the future of the construction industry

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Contact us to develop effective reinforcing alternatives to heavy, corrosive steels and advancements at each level to make building structures easier, safer, and more efficient.


Product Features

GFRP is steel reinforcing, that, corrosion-resistant, looks old From to 2000,  it has the advantage of acquiring skills and knowledge. This is the product you are using.


Non-corrosive and rust-free Extending lifespan with semi-permanent materials, Reduction of maintenance costs and slimming of structures Reduces construction cost.

Expert Engineers

Reinforcing bars of the same diameter, with the same strength If reinforcement is taken into account, the savings up to 50%.

Low Thermal Conductivity

"Cold Bridge" because it doesn't conduct heat. Temperature fluctuations and internal stress can also cause concrete cracks.

Energy efficiency

Reduce building maintenance costs there is. reinforced with fiberglass reinforcement Buildings are more heated than buildings made of steel. You need less.

Save Up
On Transportation

For the sake of lowering potential shipping expenses,

No electrical conductivity

electromagnetic fields or MRI Critical structures Wow!

Low Weight

8 times lighter than steel Do not lose on the overall weight of the structure and on the foundation Reduce the applied load

Easy installation

Simplify the cutting and mounting process and You can save labor costs.

Product Features

Characteristics of GFRP rebar versus metal rebar
Division GFRP Rebar Metal Rebar
Rust Corrosion Strong Weak
The Tensile Strength 950~1,200MPa 400MPa
Weight 125g/m 995g/m
Construction cost Cheap Expensive
Building life Long Short
Thermal expansion Low High
Modulus of elasticity 55GPa 200GPa
Price competitiveness About 5-10% lower than rebar International Commodities Rise