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Product Competitiveness

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We, at DL, design and manufacture innovative, high-quality construction equipment and components that shape the future of the construction industry

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Contact us to develop effective reinforcing alternatives to heavy, corrosive steels and advancements at each level to make building structures easier, safer, and more efficient.

Product's Positioning Within the Market

Competitive Strength of Product

GFRP Rebar is used for efficient construction, because it is lighter, cheaper and stronger than steel.

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price competitiveness ​

5% to 10% less expensive
than the price of metal rebar.


corrosion and rust ​​

G-Rebar is made of reinforced glass fiber and is rust and corrosion resistant. ​​


Tensile strength. ​

G-Rebar 9501,200MPa /
Rebar 400MPa,
more than twice as strong. ​


Reduced Building
And Freight Costs

Costs are reduced by at least 40%.
(8HR per person) ​​


Building life / Earthquake resistance
/ Insulation products

Electrical insulation products It has a long lifespan and is earthquake resistant. ​​