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Product Application

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We, at DL, design and manufacture innovative, high-quality construction equipment and components that shape the future of the construction industry

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Contact us to develop effective reinforcing alternatives to heavy, corrosive steels and advancements at each level to make building structures easier, safer, and more efficient.

Applications of the Product

Product Application

It is easier to use GFRP Rebar for a variety of purposes than one might initially believe.

  • Reinforcement of road and  airfield slabs
  •  Reinforcement of the road.
  •  pedestrian road reinforcement
  •  Reinforcement of the light tower base.
  •  Columns, curbs, road slabs, and fence slabs are all examples of columns.
  • Foundational fortification of buildings and structures (including below zero).
  • The consolidation of sewage systems, the reclamation of land, and the purification of water.
  • floor reinforcement in the living room.
  • Reinforced concrete and brick structure repair.
  • Building reinforcement with concrete, stone, and joined walls.
  • Deck and fence reinforcement in bridges.
  • Reinforce coastal structures.
  • Stingrays with reinforcements on the beach.

The versatility of GFRP Rebar extends much beyond what one might initially expect.

Magnetic or electrically conductive reinforcement in railway construction is not permitted for electric trains.
Fiberglass reinforcement is neither conductive nor magnetic. Furthermore, previously used for railway lighter and less expensive than stainless steel. Furthermore, fiberglass reinforcement has twice the tensile strength of steel reinforcement. Our rebar is an excellent choice for railway construction.

  • Improvements to maritime and port infrastructure.
  • Floor reinforcement in industrial buildings and parking lots.
  • in urban systems for collectors, pipelines, and route conduction (heating centers, cable channels).
    Molded product reinforcement.
  • Basin and concrete tank reinforcement, including in the chemical industry

In areas reinforced with fiberglass reinforcement, medical and scientific equipment must be used. frp is used for sensitive circuits or devices that produce magnetic fields or require extremely high currents. Because it has no effect. Fiberglass reinforcement does not contain any metal, is not magnetized, and does not conduct electricity.not. It is also twice as strong and half the price of rebar.