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reliable reinforcement without steel

Fiberglass Rebar–also known as FRP, GFRP

A well-designed company- a well-made company.

DL develops premium, innovative construction equipment and components that are influencing the construction industry’s future.

From design to forming, reinforcing, installation, finishing, and measuring, we are committed to assisting you in creating concrete floors that defy the curvature of the earth. We assist you in delivering the finest quality projects possible by providing Design & Consult services based on our substantial in-house knowledge and experience.

We hope to contribute to the global improvement of the building sector.

Chief Executive Officer

Jonghun Jun

company mission

to make the construction of the building structure easier, safer, and more efficient at each stage

Proven and successful reinforcing alternative to heavy, corrosive steel.

why partner up with us

DL's promises

Reinforce safely without steel. Long lasting, high-strength and economical with glass fibres.

Advanced Technology

Manual production of GFRP rebars using reinforcing material (longitudinal glass fibers) and matrix material.

Expert Engineers

With years of experience, our dedication to Fiberglass ensures that our customers' needs are consistently met.

Customer Support

Instead of making a product, then being done with it, we work together to make better projects by keeping in touch.

Delivery On time

In business, being on time is very important. We know that the most important thing for efficiency is time.

Years Of Lifespans
0 +

Due to length of use, it decrease of emissions and waste, and ultimately the preservation of our natural environment.

Less CO2 Emissions
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According to the study’s findings, GFRP reinforced beams use almost half as much energy as steel equivalents while emitting 43% less CO2.

satisfaction rate
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By cooperating from product quality to delivery date compliance and follow-up management, we keep a relationship with our consumers.