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Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer

reliable reinforcement without steel

Fiberglass rebar has been used in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Europe since 1970. Progressive countries of the last century recognized the numerous benefits that using fiberglass rebar can provide.

Fiberglass Rebar–also known as FRP, GFRP

A well-designed company- a well-made company.

We at DL create cutting-edge, high-quality construction machinery and components that will shape the industry in the years to come.

Advanced Technology

Manual production of GFRP rebars using reinforcing material (longitudinal glass fibers) and matrix material.

Expert Engineers

With years of experience, our dedication to Fiberglass ensures that our customers' needs are consistently met.

Customer Support

Instead of making a product, then being done with it, we work together to make better projects by keeping in touch.

Delivery On time

In business, being on time is very important. We know that the most important thing for efficiency is time.

Fiberglass Rebar–also known as

FRP, GFRP Composite Rebar is a more durable

proven and successful reinforcing alternative to heavy, corrosive steel.

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Product Application


civil engineering

By using GFRP in civil engineering, engineers can make structures that work better, are safer, and cost less.


industrial engineering

Tough applications, need reinforcement bars with high mechanical stability and resistance to corrosion.


residential & commercial

Being resistant to corrosion, lightweight, sustainable, and not conducting electricity or heat are essential.

years of lifespans
0 +

Due to length of use, it decrease of emissions and waste, and ultimately the preservation of our natural environment.

less CO2 emissions
0 %

According to the study’s findings, GFRP reinforced beams use almost half as much energy as steel equivalents while emitting 43% less CO2.

satisfaction rate
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By cooperating from product quality to delivery date compliance and follow-up management, we keep a relationship with our consumers.

Construction reference

recent projects

Working jointly on product quality, delivery date compliance, and follow-up management is one way we can help ensure the construction industry’s status quo.

DL's News & Update

주) 디엘 멕시코 수출기념식

2022년 11월 3일 멕시코로 첫 수출을 이루어 기념식을 가졌습니다.
본 제품은 멕시코의 비즈니스 빌딩 건축 프로젝트를 위한 GFRP REBAR 입니다.